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Announcing the MAXPRO ELITE HOCKEY SKILLS Pre Season Camp
posted 07/30/2014

Enjoying the summer and not keeping your hockey skills up? It is time to get ready for the new hockey season and regain those skills that have made you successful in the past. The Boston Stars Hockey and MAXPRO Elite Hockey Skills program has a camp designed specifically to get your child ready for the new season. The camp will emphasize skating, puck handling, shooting, contact and will be instructed by Max Gratchev, one of New England's most respected and elite skating and skills coach.

The Boston Stars Hockey pre-season camp will improve on your stick handling skills and help you become a quicker, faster and more efficient skater, just in time for the new season. Developed exclusively by Max Gratchev, the camp focuses on the following:

  • Stride activation
  • First step explosiveness
  • Counter balancing
  • Effective tight turns
  • Transitions and balance
  • Puck control
  • Stick handling
  • Shooting

A small instructor/student ratio enables our instructors to provide instant feedback, thus allowing our players to focus on individual skating weaknesses while building on strengths.
Camp location: Veterans Memorial Rink, 570 Somerville Avenue Somerville, MA 02143 Download the registration form

Camp Schedule
Wednesday 8/20/2014 – Sunday 8/24/2014
(Somerville Rink)

Group 1 (2002 & Younger): 9:00 - 10:20am On Ice | 10:30 - 12:00pm Off Ice
Group 2 (2001 & Older): 9:00 - 10:20am Off Ice | 10:30 - 12:00pm On Ice
20% discount for Boston Stars Players

Health Form: All camp attendees are required to fill a medical release form. Please download the form by clicking here.

Where can I get more information?
Please contact: MAX GRATCHEV at 617-501-8870.
You can also email Max at

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10Steps Alumn Ivan Barbashev selected by St.Louis with 33rd pick
posted 07/02/2014

Ivan Barbashev, a Boston Stars 10 Steps alumnus was selected by the St. Louis Blues with the 33rd pick overall in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. Ivan is a forward (center and left wing) for the Moncton Wildcats in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Ivan has attended the Boston Stars 10 Steps programs and summer camps where he has learned many of the skills that will serve him well in the NHL.

Congratulations Ivan, the Boston Stars are proud of your achievements.

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Max Gratchev to head Moncton Wildcat development program
posted 07/01/2014

Congratulations, Max for being named the head coach of the development program of the Moncton Wildcats. The Moncton Wildcats are a junior ice hockey team who play in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

The Moncton Wildcats are also sending all the US-based members of their team to the MAXPRO Elite Power Skating & Skills summer camp. These players will attend all five weeks of the camp, developing their skills under the tutelage of Max and  the professional coaches from the MAXPRO Elite Hockey Skills program.

Click here to find out more about the Wildcats

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Max Gratchev named Somerville High School Varsity Hockey Coach
posted 06/29/2014

Congratulations, Max Gratchev for being named Somerville High School Varsity Hockey Head Coach. In addition to being named the head coach of the varsity hockey team, Max will also oversee overall operations for the Somerville high school hockey program.

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Boston Stars Announce U16 Head Coach
posted 02/24/2014

Brendan McCartin Named U16 Head Coach For 2014-2015 Season

The Boston Stars are proud to announce Brendan McCartin as its U16 Head Coach for the 2014-2015 season.  Brendan played junior hockey in the USHL where he starred for the Sioux City Musketeers.  He then went on to play four successful seasons at Bentley College, and then professionally in Germany.  The Boston Stars recently announced that it has joined the Mass Premier Development Hockey League (The Premier), renowned for its top-level midget competition.  The Boston Stars look forward to Coach McCartin leading them to success in their inaugural season in The Premier.

Did you miss our tryouts?

Please contact Max Gratchev.
Skype: max.gratchev Cell: (617)-501-8870

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TEN STEPS 2014 - 2015
by Webmaster posted 09/01/2013

Ten Steps 2014-2015
2014-2015 PROGRAM


     The highly acclaimed Ten Steps program with Igor Gratchev will be kicking off another season starting September 2014.  Come join the program that has developed numerous Division 1 Collegiate Athletes into National Champions, NHL Players (including All-Stars). High intensity drills and training will develop your hockey player into an elite player.  The program is based on a unique, time-proven methodology developed exclusively for MaxPro Elite Hockey Skills by our founders Igor and Max Gratchev. Click here to learn more.

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Max Gratchev - Fundamentals of Mastering Skills
by Webmaster posted 10/23/2012

Written by:
Max Gratchev

South Shore Kings
 Catholic Memorial
Thayer Academy
Russian Junior National Team U16, U17 & U18
Major Junior Hockey League (Rimouski  and Quebec)
New York Islander Draft Pick # 106 overall

         Every Youth player has goals.  Whether it is to develop as a player, earn a scholarship, or play in the NHL. 
The biggest question is how?
       We all know through out any career you can learn new things every day whether your 10 or 50 but realistically the window for a youth player to develop is between 7-17 years old.  between these ages a player can maximize his potential and develop all the skills necessary to get that full scholarship or catch the eye of scouts. 
     To maximize the development of skills a child needs proper instruction.  A child needs repetition and proper knowledge of how and when to use these skills.  To actually fully understand and be able to utilize the skills that are taught a child needs to develop skill mastery.  To achieve skill mastery players need repetition and to develop the skill being taught from all aspects.

"Repetition is the father of learning"

     The difference between team games and skill practices is that players do one drill 2 to 3 times and move on to the next and practices are focused on the team as a whole not to develop each individuals skills.  That teaching of hockey for youth players has been dying and has not provided results because players are not taught to MASTER SKILLS used in every shift of every game.  The 80 game model professionals use today is not beneficial for youth players looking to maximize potential.  High School and Junior coaches are interested in building a resume and winning games.  Which essentially makes players hesitant to make mistakes and try to develop there skills.  Practices each week become only focused on beating your next opponent.  The BOSTON STARS AND IGOR GRATCHEV have taken a whole new approach in developing there players.  Players use the games as tests each week to learn the skills they have been provided with during the skill sessions.  The focus on individual passing, puck handling, and skating become effective in the games because players are now easily able to pass to each other and skate to open ice and all of a sudden these individual skills benefit your line mates, team, and coaches.  The alumni and results are the proof. 

     Within one 60 minute game a player touches the puck on average of about 1 minute and 30 seconds.  In a skill session that last 1 hour and 30 minutes a player will have the puck on his stick for about 1 hour and 15 minutes executing,  passing, stick handling, and skating with the puck.  If you break this information down 11 sessions at GRATCHEV MASTER CLASS is equal to 4 SEASONS of youth games.

      When these skills are taught correctly and shown how they should be executed properly and players repeat these skills over and over when it comes time for a game, which is essentially a test to demonstrate and also to track the players development, it will be natural to them and will be fluid and impressive because the elements were MASTERED through repetition and puck touches.
    The game of hockey is played in 3 zones.  Offensive zone, Neutral zone, Defensive zone.  Within these 3 zones gameplay becomes minimized even more and essentially puck handling, skating, and passing have to be utilized in a tight and congested area of the ice.  Small surface ice training allows a player to develop skill and hockey sense without having too much space or time for maneuvering.  This training is crucial for a youth player to develop, maneuverability, quickness, and skillful play in traffic.

Taken from A University of Minnesota study on Youth hockey players development:
• Skill execution and knowing when and how to execute the required skill is the limiting factor in sport performance.  Coaches need to understand that athletes make many of their decisions based on their own skill constraints.( If youth coaches spend more time on cognitive skill development the players will beable to perform at higher levels)

* Strides and Edge Control
* Puck Control
*Crossovers / Stopping and Turns
* Speed Training
* Passing
* Skill Mastery
* Start Quickness
* Hockey Sense

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Boston Stars Store
by Webmaster posted 10/03/2011

Order your Boston Stars, Max Pro and Igor Hockey Apparel online

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