10 Steps Elite Hockey Training

Ten Steps Skils LogoThe Ten Steps program is a highly-specialized training program for boys and girls aged Mite through High School. The program offers season-long high intensity instruction that keeps motivated skaters at the top of their game. The program is based on a unique, time-proven methodology developed exclusively for MAXPRO Elite Hockey Skills by former NHL player Max Gratchev!

10 Steps Philosophy

The basis for our teaching strategy is to combine the strongest Russian and North American Hockey training techniques. Russia has been a dominant force in international hockey for the past several decades because of the rigorous methods used in training and educating hockey players and in focus with techniques. The emphasis of our program is on the development of skating technique and game strategies. As you know, skillful skating techniques are an important part of becoming an accomplished hockey player. In our program, we incorporate all the traditional powerful straight-ahead approach of American skating, as well as the high-speed fluid maneuverability of the Russians. We will also work on combining the team tactics of the Russian tradition with the more assertive tactics of the North American strategy.

How Do You Sign Up?
All session sign-ups are ONLINE and you may pay via credit card in the office.

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Tens Steps Program Q & A

  • Max, why should I believe your Ten Step program could help my son/daughter compete at a higher level? 
    To begin with, I developed my Ten Step program over 15 years of hard work and extensive trial and error. Every single aspect of the program is proven and time tested to perfection. I’ve used these exact methods for countless students. My techniques are directly responsible for bringing the amateur to novice in an international arena.
  • Hey Max, wait a second, we have all done skill sessions, power skating, heck some of us have even done treadmill training, are you just all skills?
    Just like it says “Ten Step Program.” You have to take a complete look at the program to fully understanding its impact. It’s a complete package of training techniques and some Russian hockey secrets never before revealed, skills are only one aspect of the game. There are many skilled, practice players in amateur hockey and that’s where they usually stay.
  • Question: Is there anyone your Ten Step Program won’t work for?
    Yes, any student/parent who refuses to listen, practice and get off the whining couch and do something different than what they’re doing. Although I’ve made my stuff simple as possible to implement and follow, you’ve still got to take action. But to answer the question, there is not one student in the world that my program won’t work for. The student must put the program to use and I’ve made that easy and affordable.
  • Max, if this stuff you teach is so good why isn’t everyone teaching it?
    Because not everyone sees the light at the end of the tunnel, which is shinning so brightly you’ve got to throw on a pair of sunglasses! Thank your lucky stars that you are here right now with this opportunity to help your child change things. Do you realize that the Ten Steps Program I will reveal to you was used to train not only the best hockey players in the world but also the most well paid. What I am providing you is not a magic pill” but its absolutely the most proven successful way for your son/daughter to quickly accelerate to their peak performance.
  • What will happen once I decide to join the program and what should I expect from Igor and Max Gratchev?
    First let me tell you what not to expect. Do not expect us to put on a show. We’ve played professional hockey at the international level and performed for thousands. Our job now is to teach how to perform. Also do not expect us to be Mr. Feel good. That won’t do the student any good. It just sets them up for failure.


If you have questions or special requests, please email the Office Manager Mike McNeil at mmcneil@bostonstarshockey.com.

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