Front Office

2018-2019 Management Team
Max Gratchev President & Owner
Elisabeth Czech Director of Legal and Business Affairs
Michael McNeil Office Manager and Parent Liaison
Fred Hein Skills Consultant
2018-2019 Coaching Staff Team Managers
Coaches  Managers
U-16 Boston Stars (Half Season) DJ Pinkham
Jessica Grill
U-16 MaxPro Jets (National Bound) Max Gratchev Rich Costa
U-15 Max Pro Jets (National Bound) Max Gratchev Rob Banks
2005 MaxPro Jets
Max Gratchev
Scott Brown
Scott Brown
2005 Boston Stars Max Gratchev Tom Morgan
Christianna Morgan
2006 Max Pro Jets Mike Gates
Mark Mastricola
Jenny Deguire
2007 MaxPro Jets Max Gratchev
Eric Goldberg
Elisabeth Czech
2008 MaxPro Jets Alex McNeil Gina Nelson
2010 – 2012 Boston “Tiny Stars” (Mites) Alex McNeil
Billy Yore
 Paul Collins